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​About Sylvia Smile Safe House

We are a small rescue here in Columbus Ohio that makes it a point to save all that we can. We value the life of animals and can not stand to see them sick, abused or neglected. We mainly work with felines but not by choice =) They just always seem to find their way here.


This is all started though because of a little neglected half starved pug I found on craiglsit. Her name was Syliva and I vowed from that point that I would do everything in my power to not see another animal live in that condition without trying to stop it! Miss Sylvia came to me with no hair from fleas and weighing in at only 2 lbs. Before my girl left me of old age she was a happy go lucky 15 lb puggy.


I have always had a deep love for animals but Sylvia showed what god intended for my destiny. I now spend ever free minute I have trying to save as many as I can. I may not be able to save them all, but even if I can save one, that reduces the number of deaths without us. We are the voice for the sechless and I will not stop until god calls me home. So please join us in our jourey in saving one happy tail at a time.

Dog of the week

This is little bit and she is a min pin shi mix. She is came from a bad situation as her actions speak to us. She is very skittish but also loving.

Cat of the week

Willow came from a very great home but due to unforseen circiumstances she has ended up with us. She needs a quiet home as she is very scared.

Adoptable cats
Adoptable dogs
$25 adoption event!


We are hosting an adoption event and all kitties will have a $25 adoption fee. .

Valid till August
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